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Mid-90s pic of me and my little sister
Natural hair, don’t care

Mid-90s pic of me and my little sister

Natural hair, don’t care

I had a few days away in Chester and now I feel a lot less overwrought. I’m just exhausted now.

Some people unfollowed me right after I posted about my grandma dying. Thanks, assholes.

In other news, I am alone on a Friday night, losing a battle against my depression, and would very much like to get shitfaced drunk in my pjs.

The last week has been weird. One of my grandmothers died, I moved out of my house and back in with my parents, and I have been incredibly ill. Everything feels upside down.


Eugh, someone buy me ice cream and touch my butt and give me a back massage

It has been an hour. My back is still tense, no dairy has passed my lips and my butt remains untouched. 

Eugh, someone buy me ice cream and touch my butt and give me a back massage

Please may someone come help me pack? I’ll reward you with leftover alcohol and hugs.

I’m meant to be travelling to Birmingham to pack up my little house today but I’m sad and my head hurts and my stomach’s being weird.

I’m actually having a really tough time but I just cried all the way through Beyoncé’s VMA performance and now I feel calm and strong and ready to dismantle the patriarchy whilst wearing a sparkly leotard

The internet is a big triggering mess atm and I am teetering on the edge of another major depressive episode. Kind words, good vibes or prayers (if that’s what you’re into) would be much appreciated.

There are many reasons for women not to identify as feminist. Mainstream feminism comprises women not dissimilar to those filling the #WomenAgainstFeminism hashtag: white, Western, middle class, straight, cisgender and able-bodied. This dominant brand of feminism leaves behind women who don’t fit those descriptors, forcing us to create our own movements. Women of colour, trans women, poor women and LGBQA women have long been chastised by mainstream feminists for rocking the boat: demanding a more intersectional approach from a movement which forgets, erases and ignores us is a big no-no. Instead, mainstream feminism prefers that Western women are presented as a monolith, a generalisation which omits the women most in need of change.

—A snippet from a recent article, #(White)WomenAgainstFeminism, about the flaws in both the #WomenAgainstFeminism and the mainstream feminist movements

I mean you can still be a Zionist and see that everything is fucked up and totally disagree with whats going on in the world atm. I’m not saying that hes not a horrible person, because he sounds like it.

Quotes from his twitter and instagram (some translated)

"Palestinians started this, they deserve everything they get"

"Thousands of people march in support of Gaza. Not a single one is British #Britainistan"

"Anyone who supports Gaza hates Jews and loves terrorists"

"Open your eyes, Palestinians are illegally occupying Jewish land. Obviously, war is needed to flush them out"

Defs a bad Zionist.

There was a guy in my year at uni who everyone, staff and students loved. I always had a weird feeling about him but put it down to my general I-hate-everyone attitude. I just found his twitter and instagram - turns out he’s a misogynist, body shaming, Zionist.

Always trust you gut, kids.

EDIT: Make that ethnic cleansing advocating Zionist


It’s a glorious day outside. I have been awake for 4 hours. My to-do list is obscenely long.

It might be time to get up.